Zandria’s NMED Digital Portrayal

Zandria Bates

Media Type:
Course: NMED 1000: Introduction to New Media
Instructor: Will Smith

This website is my first attempt at an original website coded from scratch in dreamweaver. It was originally for a class project in NMED1000 to showcase our coding abilities and various aspects of the course. This website features several pages with the main ones being the home page, still images page, my movie page, my passions page, and the hotlinks page. The home page features original digital artwork of the university campus, a short bio, and a feature on the university. The still images page features a collection of original digital pieces from the past year and is fully interactive. By clicking on each artwork, you are taken to an additional page with more details and the significance of each piece. The movie page features an 8-minute video detailing the Exhibition event for our NMED1000 class, and more specifically, an in-depth feature on my exhibition submission: Second Self. The passions page features a deeper profile of who I am through my personal passions: faith, portrait photography, & painting. Finally, the hotlinks page features a range of hotlinks relevant to my life including resources for students, my social media links, and various others. A personal favourite on this list is my current Spotify playlist. Other fun aspects include the background of the title (which plays an automatic video of a sunrise from the UHall dorms), the background of each webpage (which is a gradient), and the details from specific artworks (which include a screenplay).