Where It Matters

George Chelariu

Media Type:
Course: Digital Drawing and Animation
Instructor: Leanne Elias

I wanted to convey a feeling that was a balance between the grim feeling that is loss and optimism, to show that loss, although a terrible feeling to incur, can be endured and that we can move on, because life won’t pause for us. For this, a black background with limited, albeit bright colours felt perfect for this, accompanied by the 2d animation technique with a bit of rotoscope mixed in for a unique aesthetic; I also pieced together a storyboard that, overall, appears to reiterate itself, to show that the feeling of loss is a recurring feeling in life, and through time, we cope.
What really brought the project together was the use of acapella for the sounds of the animation. Everything that is played in the animation was my voice being recorded and modified in different ways during post production, from echoes to changes in pitch. I’ve always wanted to make something like that, and to see it be so well received when I first revealed it to my peers and classmates was heartwarming, to say the least.