Voices of Our Sisters

Sioux K. Crop Eared Wolf

Media Type:
Course: NMED 2015: Digital Drawing and Animation
Instructor: Leanne Elias

This short stop motion animation was created for my digital drawing and animation class. I wanted to focus on the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls because I feel it requires more attention from the general public. As an Indigenous woman, I feel I have a responsibility to bring to light injustices that many Indigenous people face. In my project, I wanted it to begin with an uplifting feeling as the figure is creating a dress. After the completion of the dress the figure fades away leaving only the dress. This symbolizes the potential, dreams, and life left behind by the MMIWG. The audio includes the names of all the documented cases of the MMIWG in Canada. I felt it was important to include these names to depict the enormity of this issue.

*The symbol of the red dress is often associated with MMIWG because of Jaime Black’s REDress project in which she installs red dresses in public spaces.