The God-Awful Ghost Gang

Jonah Pentland

Media Type:
Course: CINE 4820: Writing for Comedy
Instructor: Bob Cousins

This assignment was written for Cinema 4820, Writing for Comedy, where I was tasked with developing a situational comedy treatment for animation or live action, intended for television or streaming. This assignment entailed creating a comedic setup, characters, and a treatment outlining future episodes. The God-Awful Ghost Gang follows socially awkward mystery fanatic Nancy Columbo and her ragtag crew of flaky friends as they travel solving mysteries to prove the existence of the supernatural, failing at every corner thanks to their ineptitude as detectives and unbridled flaws. Inspiration for this sitcom treatment derives heavily from tropes found in the Scooby Doo, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys, focusing mostly on monster mysteries, while satirizing the unmasking of “villains” with jokes aimed towards a self-awareness of the absurdity often typical of these narratives.