Tap is a web application using a javascript stack and an Arduino to represent fluvial flow data. This application uses flow sensors for the Arduino, and a Node.js library called Johnny-five to gather flow sensor data and store this information in a MongoDB database. Node.js, jQuery, and Ajax were used to create the front end application to display the flow data in the browser.

The application in mind for this project is to use this type of technology in a tap house setting. This web app simulates a tap house, which would have these flow sensors attached to the kegs of beer, and display in real time information about these individual kegs of beer. This can be both beneficial for a customer and owner of a tap house. Customers are able to see what is on tap at any given time. The information a customer can receive includes the name of the beer, brewery, alcohol percent, description, and amount left in the keg. This can benefit tap houses which frequently rotate their taps, since a user can check their website whenever to see whats on tap so that they don’t miss out on their favourite brew. Furthermore the owner can receive some very valuable detail about the flow data. On top of what the customers can see, owners are able to get information about waste, glasses poured, keg size, etc. The owners also have an interface to hookup and detach sensors from kegs as they become empty and are tapped with a new keg.