Talking To White Men

Monioluwa Omubor, James Fermor

Media Type:
Course: NMED 5230: Internet Television Production
Instructor: Ryan Harper-Brown

“Talking To White Men” is a talk show style web series hosted by Moni Omubor that was created as the final project for the NMED 2230 (Internet Television Production) course. The show involves Moni engaging in awkward interviews with white men in an effort to create entertainment through confrontation, uncomfortable questions and deadpan humour. Each episode is about 2-3 minutes long with conversations surrounding race, stereotypes and general social commentary. The original pitch for this show was going to feature guests of varying demographics and it was titled “Focus Group.” However, owing to the lack of access to certain resources and time, the number of guests were narrowed down to one. As for the idea of confronting guests with awkward and uncomfortable questions, I drew inspiration from shows such as “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” and “Ziwe” and thought the idea of various white men being confronted by a female, black host would make for interesting content.