Schrodinger’s Earth

Autumn Read

Media Type: Programming, Web Design / Development
Course: NMED 3720: The Dynamic Web
Instructor: Christine Clark

Schrodinger’s Earth looks at #roundearth and #flatearth tweets and determines if any of them were made today. If either of these hashtags was used today, it adds them to respective counters, only pulling tweets made on the day the website is accessed.

If there are more #flatearth tweets, an animated image of a flat earth is displayed.
If there are more #roundearth tweets, an animated image of a globe is displayed.
If there is an even number of tweets or no tweets, an animated image of a question mark cat will be displayed.

The website is satirical, commenting on the debate regarding the shape of the Earth, and how there are many tweeters that will post and believe information on the internet without looking into further depth. Schrodinger’s Earth gives them a “world” where their tweeting actually makes a difference and matters.

But mostly we just want cats in space.