reviVR Microsite Prototypes

Jorinda Becker, Kaleigh Watson, Kaylee Peake

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Course: NMED 4520: Advanced Web Design
Instructor: Christine Clark

The second project for NMED 4520: Advanced Web Design was a group project. We were tasked with creating and using a design system to create three sites; a main website, a podcast site, and a subscription box site, that fell under the same business heading, but felt different enough to stand on their own. We came up with the idea to combine Virtual Reality (VR) with Therapy. From there ReviVR was born.  

Jorinda Becker created the main website along with the ReviVR logo, Kaylee Peake created the Podcast site, and Kaleigh Watson created the subscription box site.  

The following is the series of website prototypes, displayed in Figma.