Relaxing Window Simulation

Nathan Forsyth

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Course: NMED 3380: Programming for Artists
Instructor: Dana Cooley

In creating the Relaxing Window Simulator, it started out as a genuine effort to make something that during the COVID-19 lockdown would help people stay relaxed. It features public domain images and music (which are all cited in the source code) that are intended to put the user at ease, and can be flipped through by pressing the “f” key. For those who like to fidget, there are plants that use the toxiclibs physics engine (with some source code borrowed from Dan Shiffman as a skeleton for the basic formatting) and can be pushed and pulled around by dragging the mouse. Sometimes, when I’m sitting at my window, I fog it up and draw on it, which has also been simulated by pressing space. And sometimes throughout these trying times, I have wanted to scream at my computer. So I made it walk you through a breathing when you get too overwhelmed. (Please note: to activate the breathing exercise, you actually have to scream PRETTY DANG LOUD).

My discoveries after I finished the Relaxing Window Simulator? It’s a great tool to run in the background for a little fun while you work. And I miss having a moustache (which is featured in the breathing exercise). But probably most importantly, in these times of isolation and confusion and anxiety, the best thing you can do is just take a break every once in a while and go outside!