A full-class group project. Students wrote a script and shot a short-film of an individual looking for a new look. Afterwards, every student was given a section of the short-film to rotoscope and piece back together with the group.

Created by students of New Media 2015: Digital Drawing & Animation instructed by Leanne Elias.


Director: Amy Tarnowsky
Director of Photography: Shannon Milligan
Music Composition: Hadyn Dresser

—–Lost Soul: Joel Hockin
—–Barber: Chris Henderson

Script Writers:
—–Jonathan Diaz
—–Ashlee Carlson
—–Bailey Robertson
—–Elizabeth Keller
—–Josee Fortin
—–Nickali Dzurka

Shotlist: Josee Fortin

—–Ashlee Carlson
—–Autumn Read

Camera A: Jenaya Liptak
Camera B: Cooper French
Second AC: Erin Pickard

—–Kris Gerbrandt
—–Kelly Beckett

Sound Master: Victoria Steffensen
Boom Operator: Josh Dixon

Sound Editors:
—–Hadyn Dresser
—–Kelly Beckett

Location: Union Salon & Barber

0:100:21 Nickali Dzurka
0:210:32 Stephanie Canning
0:320:43 Josee Fortin
0:430:48 Victoria Steffensen, Nickali Dzurka, Yukino Okutomi
0:480:54 Erin Pickard
0:54 – 0:65 Sioux Crop Eared Wolf
0:65 – 1:16 Johann Ladiges
1:161:27 Jonathan Diaz
1:271:38 Janaya Liptak
1:381:49 Cooper French
1:49 – 1:60 Kelly Becket
2:002:11 Nicole Vachon
2:112:22 Bailey Robertson
2:222:33 Kris Gerbrandt
2:332:44 Shayne Karlash
2:442:55 Leanne Elias
2:553:06 Amy Tarnowsky
3:063:17 Sioux Crop Eared Wolf, Kris Gerbrandt, Leanne Elias, Elizabeth Keller, Katherine Hatton, Sioux Crop Eared Wolf, Autumn Read
3:173:28 Joel Hockin
3:283:39 Katherine Hatton
3:393:50 Victoria Steffensen
3:504:01 Josh Dixon
4:014:12 Euan Mark
4:124:23 Elizabeth Keller
4:234:34 Alex Thompson
4:344:45 Yukino Okutomi
4:454:56 Ashlee Carlson
4:565:07 Melanie Carbajal Stey
5:075:18 Shannon Milligan
5:185:20 Autumn Read

Title & Credits: Autumn Read

Special thanks to Chris Henderson and the Union Salon & Barber