Objective Versus: ep. 1

James Fermor, Moni Omubor

Media Type:
Course: NMED 5230: Internet Television Production
Instructor: Ryan Harper-Brown

“Objective Versus” will be a weekly, approximately 6 min, web series where series creator James Fermor, a writer/performer with a background in the visual arts and realizing the creative potential for (seemingly) innocuous objects, will pit common inanimate objects against each other in heart-stopping fights to the death. Episodes will discuss the material properties of each object, such as mass and hardness/brittleness as well as they’re common uses in civilian life, and compare them to the object(s) they are being pitted against; culminating in a scenario where the contenders are placed in a deadly encounter with each other. Only one will survive.

This web series is meant to be a satirical comment on tropes and trends in pop culture media that emphasize conflict and play to audience’s seeming desire for gratuitous bloodshed in the media they consume. For example, popular shows like “Game of Thrones” (or GoT’s numerous clones) or “The Squid Game”, crime dramas where there is (at least) one murder every week, as well as some cartoons and many, many movies.