Nuclear Apocalypse

Deborah Ajayi

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Course: Narrative for New Media
Instructor: Bob Cousins

Nuclear Apocalypse is an adventure game set on earth in the year 3018 eighteen years after the Great Nuclear War. Most of earth’s modern civilization has been wiped out. What is left of earth’s population is forced to live in a confined zone, which is now called New Earth, barricaded with a form of technology called Anti-Radiation Centurion Matter, or ARCEM. The remaining parts of earth are uninhabitable wastelands called Barrens. Venturing beyond the ARCEM protected zone will cause immediate death if one is not clad in the proper gear to protect against the residual radiation. This game will be a third-person point of view game that provides the player a view of the game through the game’s main character, Benjamin Daley.