Miniature Grand Piano

Austin Knibb

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Course: NMED 3680: Interaction Design
Instructor: Daniela Sirbu

***Miniature Pianist not Included***

The Arduino mini grand piano is designed to simulate a piano on a miniature scale. Each “key” is a small button that is wired to their own individual pin 5, 7-13. The piezo speaker is attached to pin 6 because, through trial and error, this was determined to be the optimal pin for the speaker. When a button is pressed, a signal is sent to the speaker and the corresponding tone is played. Each button has a specific tone programmed with it and the speaker plays it. I have created a one octave piano (eight notes) that the user can use in infinite combinations to play various pieces of music. This allows the user to be creative in their use of this Arduino and have an interactive experience. One drawback to this is that the user can only play one key at a time and not multiple (chords). However, the user can hold the key for as long as they like, and it will continue to play uninterrupted.