Metaphysical Operation

Andrew Faubert, Jared Gyorffy

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Course: Interaction Design
Instructor: Dana Cooley

We made a metaphysical operation “game” with a teddy bear as the “board”. By metaphysical we mean using semiotics to represent abstract concepts in physical space. The operation aspect of the “game” is a twist on the classic board game that evokes a feeling of empathy from the “players” (or in this case participants). We make use of a processing interface to instruct the interactions of the participants and allow for the use of audio files so that the teddy bear will talk to the participant and indicate when they have completed an “stage” and when they “hurt” him. The screams that the bear has when you “hurt” him plays in the same space as the original operation game, replacing the LED and buzzing noise. This is intended to make the interaction feel more personal and attempts to make the participant relate to the bear rather then it just being a game board. Read More