Metabolic Madness

Andrew Faubert, Matthew Blair, Jared Gyorffy, Duncan Alimchandani

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Course: Game Design: Theory and Practice
Instructor: James Graham

Metabolic Madness is a multiplayer competitive game where players compete to be the superior cell in a synthetic environment. The players gather resources and level in a skill tree to become the ultimate lifeform by eliminating every other player or sustaining max life total for a turn. The game encourages player interaction through attack each other through a wager system, bonus cards that can be used on each other to effect the outcome of the gameplay. There is an environment system that affects gameplay each turn, allowing the gamestate to change constantly and giving benefits or negatives to specific players. Each player is given a skill tree that that the players can use to level up their characters with resources that they collect each turn of the game. these resources which are represented by glucose in the game. Are collected and can be collected in greater numbers and exchanged for ATP which is the player’s life total and currency. If the players ATP reaches 0 they lose the game. Read More