In the Groove

Kezia Rooke

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Course: NMED 3640: Character Animation I
Instructor: Daniela Sirbu

For our final assignment of the semester, our class was tasked with creating a fluid dance animation for a character given to us, involving two side steps. We had to film ourselves creating the dance for the character, and use it as our reference point for every bend and step. The goal was to make something slightly comical and cartoon-ish, where I wanted this peaceful looking man to be caught up in a funky jazzy beat. While the model was rigged for us already, the goal was to smoothly animate the legs, body, hands, and animate the given facial models to bring the character to life. I designed an extra couple of model faces to go along with the suave music environment.

This project alone meant a great deal to me, as it was a strong foothold into the career I want to pursue, and taught me plenty about the difficulties(and happy surprises) of working with 3D modeling and animation. But I am incredibly pleased with the current result, and only want to strive harder to understand the medium further.