In New Media 2030, Professor Bryn Hewko inspired us to “tell a story that only we could tell”. I took this as an opportunity to depict a grand adventure relying largely on visual effects. In Hand’s Off,  a salty old sailor tells of his ridiculous adventures in the frozen Northern Atlantic and re-lives his rivalry with the dreaded Captain Scarborough. Studying online made collaboration difficult so I chose to play all the roles. It was a challenge to make each character unique and to have them interact on screen. I found this project very rewarding, from the storyboard and screenwriting to visual effects and final edits. In the telling of stories through film, I often see reflections of my life and experiences. The aged pirate in my short film, Hand’s Off, was subconsciously inspired by my Grandpa, who has been stricken with dementia. It wasn’t until the old pirate character was a well-developed part of my story that I realized I had crafted a reflection of my Grandfather. He was always a vivid storyteller, but now the telling is over and over with more liberty and embellishments. Getting into character and becoming the old pirate was a way of exploring the aging process.