Filmmaker’s Toolkit

Aaron Nalder, Jacob Nalder, Jessica Bennett, Braun Patton, Alexis Kelly

Media Type:
Course: Internet TV
Instructor: Ryan Harper-Brown

“Filmmaker’s Toolkit” is the pilot episode of a weekly 5 to 10-minute web series that explores the methods, tools and practices employed by filmmakers to tell great stories. Lethbridge based filmmaker Aaron Nalder pulls back the cinematic curtain to reveal the secret workings of movie makers. Episodes will explore components of filmmaking, cinematography, editing and special effects to reveal how the magic is made and why it works for audiences. More than just a list of fun facts. “Filmmaker’s Toolkit” shows the viewers how to use Hollywood tricks in their own movies in true DIY style. Filmmaker’s Toolkit will empower creative minds to tell their own cinematic stories.

Each episode will consist of the following segments:

Introduction: Greeting from the show host. Introduction to the episode’s topic (example: “The Dolly Zoom”).

Segment 1: The method is explained, and various clips taken from popular films are presented to illustrate why a filmmaker would choose this technique to tell their story.

Segment 2: A practical demonstration illustrates how the audience can get the effect to work for their own filmmaking, including budget-friendly versions.

Segment 3: Using footage shot in segment 2, a short theatrical scenario is presented to demonstrate the technique in a narrative form.

Sign off: Episodes ends with an invitation for the viewers to use the learned technique in their own filmmaking and share it online.