Eye on Surveillance

Tayla Bundschuh

Media Type:
Course: NMED 3810: Expanded Cinema
Instructor: Dana Cooley

Whether we like to admit it or not, surveillance has become a massive part of our lives. Usually, we think about surveillance as someone spying on us; however, this goes deeper. Our world today is in a constant cycle of surveillance among those who watch, participate and even those who are being watched. We are being watched walking down the street or even taking money out of the bank. Conversely, because of the rise of social media, we are actively participating in the surveillance of others. Once something is posted to the internet, anyone can see what has been uploaded. Unbeknownst to the original poster, they are being surveyed by others. For my final project, I wanted to explore the idea of this circle of surveillance. To demonstrate this, I set up a tv that was streaming from an iPad and was focused on people unknowing that they were being watched. However, I then set up a secondary monitor, which was showing the participants’ image back at them, kind of like a mirror. There was also a third recording device filming the whole experience. The video that has been provided is the final result of the tv, monitor and filming of the participant. Although this video shows the final result, being able to participate in the experience offers another look into the surveillance circle. Overall, the participant watches the oblivious, while also watching themselves, but also being watched by others.  

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