In creating Curser I set out to build a website that was a single page, and was only able to be interacted with through mouse movement and keyboard input. No clicking! I felt as though the best way to do it was through a game. And thus was born Curser, a game where you have been turned into a cursor, and even worse, cursed with the inability to do the one thing cursors are supposed to do, click. It was an experiment to see just how interactive a web page could be without something that has become such a fundamental input. Through the play testing phases, many of my friends and roommates would still instinctively click, even when they knew it would cause a game over. One was even two screens before the end of the game before their hand reflexively clicked and ended it all.

Through trying to create a game where the primary input is to simply hover over an object, the biggest challenge to overcome was giving feedback to the user that they were interacting with the website properly.  If given more time, I would have tried to figure out something less jarring than a sudden red screen overlay, but it does the trick for what is needed.