Blended Cinema

Chelsea Knox

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Course: CINE 3810: Expanded Cinema
Instructor: Dana Cooley

Blended Cinema is a project I created in the hope to push the boundaries of what defines cinema as an art form. The key components of a film camera, such as the flash, shutter, and iris, are structured in the way they would be if it was still intact and held up in the pitcher. My goal was to create a sort of controlled chaos. The camera is not intact but does resemble its original shape, presenting a form of cinema from a paracinematic perspective. It is an illustration of the traditional thought of cinema and film compared to theorized definitions of what cinema and art try to discern.

It cannot record, it has no film, it only exists as it does in the moment, completely subject to change.

The pieces are attached to the blades by metal wires, and the motor is controlled by a gradual switch that can increase or decrease the speed. The switch and wiring are additions that allow participants to have control over what happens in the pitcher. There is no guarantee that everything will stay attached or that the motor will hold up, meaning that each time it’s run it could be entirely different. I describe this as a piece of cinema and hope that encourages others to think of whether or not they define pieces like this as the same.