Anger Management – The Convention

Mason Hill

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Course: NMED 3850: Typography
Instructor: Christine Clark

This project consisted of designing a magazine spread, conveying a speaker convention designed to the creator’s choosing.

I took inspiration from meet and greets where you would have a sticker put on your shirt with your name written on it. I particularly found the “Hello! My name is…” thisĀ  gave a certain feeling to me, somewhere along the lines of this norm being forced, but accepted, with a sprinkle of dread within it. I honestly have also seen these nametags a lot at Walmart and other grocery stores, and it all gives a very “forced expectation to follow” feeling. With this was included the title, “Anger Management”, which brought about the color palette of red and yellow.

The color pallet provides an aggressive, bold approach matching the mood it conveys. I aimed to attract anyone who views the piece, through the bold nature of the poster. This was not only achieved through the color of the background and type, but also through rotating the title and placing it on the center vertical fold, making “ANGER MANAGEMENT” chaotic by shaking traditionally straight lines, and slightly shifting hue on every other letter. One could say that the formatting of the title is difficult to read given its rotation, but I would say it contributes to a discomfort, which could lead to an anger, representing the poster its contained within.

In semi-traditional formatting, speakers & descriptions are read right to left as opposed to down to up on the title. Categories for speakers are placed with similar style to the title. Speakers were chosen based on the category of anger or lifestyle choices they represent, such as Squidward & Bruce Banner practicing avoidance.