A Book of Warnings

Kezia Rooke

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Course: NMED 3380: Programming for Artists
Instructor: Dana Cooley

This piece is my final project for my Programming for Artists class, where we were tasked to design and code a program around the concept of Superstition. I chose to create a digitally interactive piece that focuses around the idea of “dark” fables from separate cultures, as they have always been a great deal of inspiration for me. Within each scene, the reader is prompted to figure out the meaning of the superstition by finding the right place to click on the image to activate the accompanying video. I really wanted to focus on animating each scene to pull the reader into a place of discomfort, but also to a place of fascination and intrigue of finding out what happens. The fables were gifted to me from my mother and my dear friends, who all live in a different countries: Canada, Austria, South Korea, China, and America. As a individual who does not share the same culture as the origins of these stories, I wanted to ensure that I was respectful in my creations, but also give the chance to present them to an audience who may find them as wonderful as I do, and potentially learn something new.