Undergraduate Student Showcase

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Video Game History

Aldrin Azucena

Hard Pass

Vincent Cote


Autumn Read


Colin Froese

Keyboard Xylophone

Danielle Stewart
Default appearance of "Keyboard Xylophone"

Hot Spot

Brett Dziedzic, Sydney Greco, Joshua Wong
Hot Spot

Only Stranger Things

Jenaya Liptak
stranger things

Personal Website

Natalie Beusekom
Screenshot of Website

Birthday Geolocator API

Madeline Archibald

Web Cassette Player

Cooper French

reviVR Microsite Prototypes

Jorinda Becker, Kaleigh Watson, Kaylee Peake

Back Home/Out East

Simone Bowes

Personal Website

Nicola Alvarez


Rylee Frank

Tasti Raspberry Pi

Shaun Cullen

Personal Website

Mackina Mouland

Icarus Has Fallen

Apollo Lelond

Brewed Up A Good Design

Amiel Fernandez and Kevin Gonzales

The Speed of Things

Reid Paulhus

Personal Website

Skyler Johnson

Personal Website

Yonich Erickson

Faking Tweets

Jason Ranaghan


Corwin Smith
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