Undergraduate Student Showcase

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Students in NMED 2015
Perfect Animation

Icarus Has Fallen

Apollo Lelond

Back Home/Out East

Simone Bowes

Animation Festival

Nathan Forsyth, Rylee Fran, Kevin McKillop, Chris Walsh

Personal Website

Mackina Mouland

The Weather Station

Cassidy Huber


Caitlin Coghill

Lunch Time

Coel Flett
Lunch Time


Kennedy Robertson
Roll by Kennedy Robertson

Bayleaf City

Josh Wong

Village Temple Concept

Sarina Francisco


Emily Barnes, Abby Coleman, Josee Fortin


Autumn Read

Hand’s Off

Greydon Rohrick
Hand's Off

Evil Dead Storyboards

Sheri Macardy

reviVR Microsite Prototypes

Jorinda Becker, Kaleigh Watson, Kaylee Peake

A Book of Warnings

Kezia Rooke
A Book of Warnings by Kezia Rooke
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