Undergraduate Student Showcase

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Design Journal Example

Erin Rommens, Sheri Norton, Sioux Crop Eared Wolf


Cameron Dziedzic


Matthew Blair & Scott Kerslake

Good Deeds

Levi Balan

Personal Website

Mackina Mouland

Conspiracy Creator

Tyler Fulton
Conspiracy Creator

Reconciliation Tree

Jorinda Becker, Evan Clark, Daylend de Grasse, Kelsey Dellosa, Kaleigh Watson

Animation Festival

Nathan Forsyth, Rylee Fran, Kevin McKillop, Chris Walsh

reviVR Microsite Prototypes

Jorinda Becker, Kaleigh Watson, Kaylee Peake

Web Cassette Player

Cooper French

The Speed of Things

Reid Paulhus

Mountain Sound

Austin Koning

Lunch Time

Coel Flett
Lunch Time

Eyes Up, Guardian

Calvin Lloyd
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