Undergraduate Student Showcase

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Characterized Jump

Katherine Hatton

No Time

Ryan Nagapoosonam

All kinds of Animations

Allison Krywolt

The World is Hers

Abby Loveridge

Hand’s Off

Greydon Rohrick
Hand's Off

Paper Trails

Ava Daly

In the Groove

Kezia Rooke

NMED 1010 Demo

Lexie Leishman

Simply Everything

Paul Cooney

Lift & Throw

Christopher Walsh

Plastic Paradise

Emma Zgurski
Plastic Paradise by Emma Zgurski

The Elevator Game

Jester (JJ) Llorin, Riley (Ivy) Resendes, Ava Daly
The Elevator Game

A Personality Dive

Emma Zgurski

Top Speed

Chimere Ajoku
Top Speed

Battle Sequence

David Okusanya

Nuclear Apocalypse

Deborah Ajayi
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