Undergraduate Student Showcase

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Winter Issue/2023

Top Speed

Chimere Ajoku
Top Speed

All kinds of Animations

Allison Krywolt

Memory of a Nightmare

Becky Friesen

Love and Rabbits

Matthew Stilson

Nobody Famous

Jesse Thibert

Objective Versus: ep. 1

James Fermor, Moni Omubor

NMED 1010 Demo

Lexie Leishman


Rouvic Magwali

Icarus Has Fallen

Apollo Lelond

Personal Website

Natalie Beusekom
Screenshot of Website


Devon Lamont

Personal Website

Yonich Erickson

The Elevator Game

Jester (JJ) Llorin, Riley (Ivy) Resendes, Ava Daly
The Elevator Game

Simply Everything

Paul Cooney

Talking To White Men

Monioluwa Omubor, James Fermor

Paper Trails

Ava Daly

A Personality Dive

Emma Zgurski

Brewed Up A Good Design

Amiel Fernandez and Kevin Gonzales

Keyboard Xylophone

Danielle Stewart
Default appearance of "Keyboard Xylophone"
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