Undergraduate Student Showcase

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Birthday Geolocator API

Madeline Archibald

Enemy Inside

Brian Pearce

20 Time Capsule 20

Jacqueline Eshriew

Shadow of Time

Abdullah Mouslli
Shadow of Time

Project Revision

Dominic Sawicki

Voices of Our Sisters

Sioux K. Crop Eared Wolf
Voices of our Sisters


Autumn Read

Hard Pass

Vincent Cote

Animation Festival Series: The Illusion of Movement

Ralph Jared Maneja, Auryn Barnes, Matthew Godwin
Animation Festival

Peter Saville

Sei Rin Chu

Tasti Raspberry Pi

Shaun Cullen


Scott Kerslake
Beef Burger Bun Run

Hand’s Off

Greydon Rohrick
Hand's Off

Half Way Home

Kira Aindow


Autumn Read, Connor Kingston, Michelle Bang, Kyomi Jesse, Elizabeth Keller, Ashley Weeks


Milo Rumbolt, Chelsea White, Maddison Archibald, Mackenzie Bobee

Animation Festival

Nathan Forsyth, Rylee Fran, Kevin McKillop, Chris Walsh


Nathan Forsyth

Mountain Sound

Austin Koning

Faking Tweets

Jason Ranaghan

Isolated Warmth

Josh Dixon
Isolated Warmth
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