Submit to the Student Showcase

Congratulations on being selected for the next issue of the New Media Student Showcase! Please review the following information before submitting your work.


  • Depending on the nature and format of the original work, you can provide us with either the project itself (the original files) or documentation of the project (photo/video of the work).
  • If your work is available through another channel/system (Steam, App Store, Vimeo, etc.), you can submit images and/or videos of the work as well as a link to where people can best access it.
  • For Processing sketches, please submit a video of the sketch in action (if you’d like it to be interactive on the site, you’ll need to convert it to P5)
  • Photo and video documentation should be high quality (consider lighting, focus, and distance), ideally taken with DSLR cameras rather than a mobile device.
  • Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about the submission format.

Submission Form