Michelle Sylvestre

Michelle Sylvestre
Research Area:

Data Physicalization

While completing her BFA in Art Studio, Sylvestre pursued innovative approaches to analysis through experimentation with data physicalization and visualization in an interdisciplinary environment.

By using the Data Physicalization Lab as a base, Sylvestre is embarking on her MFA journey, during which she will be investigating her interest in the intersections between traditional artistic practices and New Media. Frequently, Sylvestre uses art and technology as a multi-layered conduit for exploring the range of human experience. She often begins with material studies letting her intuition guide her through the process of making. In doing so, Sylvestre’s work takes on various forms including sculpture, installation, photography, and performance.

Research Interests: Data physicalization, data visualization, digital fabrication, personal data tracking, wearable art and technologies, sociology of gender, labour and the everyday.