Advanced Studio


Research Presentations & Exhibition


The White Rider

Amber Beingessner

Lacey Armstrong planned on going to university to play volleyball and make friends. And now she’s trying to stop the apocalypse.


Callum Attwell
Video Game Design

An interactive demonstration of learned mechanics as gameplay.

[game download available on request]

Search the depths

Emily Barnes

Here we follow a part of the journey of Alphonse a scientist turned deep sea diver to try and save the surface. Hoping that an ancient civilization holds the answers he desperately seeks.

Dearly Departed

Elizabeth Keller
Video Game Design

You are a delivery robot who powers on in a post-apocalyptic world with a package to deliver and a delivery route that is in shambles. Will upholding the Delivery Bot’s Oath and delivering this final package reveal the reason for the world’s premature end? A 2D adventure video game demo.

[game download available on request]

Rampant Class

Graham Sargent
Video Game Design

While blurring the line between reality and fiction, a group of children face their fears as they take on the roles of their own fictitious characters in a world ravaged by unusual creatures.

The Art of DreamState

Josee Fortin
Concept Art

The Art of DreamState is a concept art exploration in the visual development of an open-world, role-playing fantasy game; through the use of character, prop and environment designs.

Michelle Bang

The Nightmare Games
Video Game Concept

A mystery-horror visual novel game with a concept of
after accepting an invitation to play something seemingly harmless, you begin to have dreams that revolve around horror games. A note on the table: “Escape from this room or die.”

[game download available on request]

Trapped with Cards

Matthias Chiefcalf
Short Film

A goth, a nerd, a pro player, and a pizza girl are trapped with a spare room in a comic bookstore while playtesting for a card tournament.

Education of Sexual Violence: Support and Prevention

Rodrigo Henriquez
Short Films

Two short films that strive to educate others on how to prevent sexual violence and how to support someone who is a recent victim.

Crimson Moon

Shannon Milligan

Crimson Moon is an animation short that will feature two types of animation and will showcase different creatures through the eyes of its creator.