Tate’s Coffee Identity

Nora White

Media Type:
Course: NMED 2005: Design Fundamentals for New Media
Instructor: Leanne Elias

The logo created from the design brief encapsulates the feelings of community and warmth while also reflecting the clean and simple design techniques that have come to be very popular for an audience of young adults.

The logo utilizes the rule of thirds to create a well fitting and comfortable design. To symbolize community and warmth, a heart symbol has been created out of the coffee beans, and put into the semi-circle cup. This not only represents the love that goes into creating the coffee, but also the enjoyment that customers will have from visiting the store with their friends.

Muted colours have been used to give a sense of calmness that would be gained from drinking Tate’s coffee. No green has been used, as requested.

Acumin Variable Concept in Regular and Default has been used in each logo. This font imbues simplicity and allows the graphic to be the main source of identity. The text is in a dark grey to match the under-saturated colours of the graphic.

One logo has been created that utilizes a slogan. This logo can be used on any surface that does not require the word “coffee” to help identify the company.