Tyler Heaton

Research Area:



With an undergraduate degree in New Media and a background in visual media, plus 15 years experience in education and [r]evolving technologies, Tyler has an interest in the intersection of media, art, technology and design. now embarking on his MFA journey, Tyler is exploring the mixed reality medium; how immersive interactive environments are expanding our potential as artists and designers, and creating the language of mixed reality.

Research Interests:

Immersive media experiences, virtual reality, augmented reality, interaction, cognition, contemporary media landscapes, science fiction, tangibles

Current Project(s):

Echoes of an Imagined Past: Exploring the key elements of virtual and mixed reality through their portrayals in popular media. Using the technology of today to visualize past aspirations, I am constructing meta-objects that question what it is about virtual reality that captures our imagination, and how it relates to past media types.